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Our BBQ Stars Memorial Day Sale is now over. Join our waitlist to be one of the first notified when opened again!
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Get 50+ recipes and techniques!

◉ Go behind the scenes to the Stars’ own private backyards and kitchens, and find out what inspires their creativity and drives their passion for live fire.

◉ Feature-film-quality video production – Our award-winning film crew will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, popping open a cold one and hanging out while you learn from your favorite Stars.

◉ Get step-by-step instructional videos from each Star - complete with printable recipes!

◉ Get instant access to 12 Stars, 11 workshops and 100+ videos! – You OWN them, so you can take them at your own pace. Pause, rewind, fast-forward, download, watch them again and again while you progress in your skills!

◉ NEW BONUS STAR!Jack Arnold, official BBQ instructor for Big Green Egg and 2020 BBQ Event Host for the Four Seasons, will teach you how to make the best burger of your life!


Steve R.

"I just finished the first round of BBQ Stars.  It took me about three days, however, they were three of the most entertaining, informative, and enlightening days I've had during this quarantine. Please add me to your mailing list. I especially want to know when the next BBQ Stars comes out.!"

Don H.

"Just a few words to tell you how much I enjoyed BBQ Stars. It is far better than I even hoped for and is worth every cent many times over. It is so far superior to the YouTube videos out there that there is no comparison. I have looked at Masterclass courses but...BBQ Stars is far more diverse with BBQ experts. The BBQ Star launch has been really amazing, and I hope that you continue the great work. Put me on the signup list for season 2!"

Tuffy Stone
Memphis in May Grand Champion

"Being a part of BBQ Stars has made me want to become a student of live fire all over again." 

Steve B.

"I’m all over this!!! If you are serious about your grilling but not sure if you want to get to the pro competition level, this is perfect 👌🏽! I love ❤️ that you can keep going back to learn again & again so that you can ‘get it right.’ BRAVO 👏🏽" 


"Cooking for others is an act of love and nothing, not even sex, is more intimate and loving than feeding friends and family. My mission in life is to teach people how to cook, and I can't wait to share the Meathead Method with others."

Matt Pittman, Meat Church

“I just saw my edited videos and it’s unreal. The quality is unbelievable. It’s that simple: There’s nothing like this out there.”

Here’s what you’ll be learning and cooking
with the Stars!

Tuffy Stone

World Record-Breaking Champion Pitmaster and 2019 Memphis in May Grand Champion

Workshop Title: “First Place Box Secrets”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Temperature & Smoke Control Running a Clean Fire
• Deconstructing Rubs and Sauces
• Ribs – Both a Competition Rib & Backyard Rib recipe
• Smoked Brisket from flat to point

Harry Soo

Award-winning Grand Champion BBQ Pitmaster and Owner of Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ

Workshop Title: “Asian Flare of BBQ”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Beef Martini Shaken Not Stirred
• Pureed Pear Flaken-Cut Beef Shortribs w Kimchi
• Thai Spicy Chili Flank Steak Salad
• Five-Spice Crusted Lamb Lollipops w Coconut Polenta
• Volcano BBQ Chicken w Ginger Saffron Rice
• Rice Wine Marinated BBQ Pork Belly w Bok Choy
• Crying Tiger Baby Back Ribs w Homemade Spam Fried Rice
• Soy Vinegar Filipino Adobo Pork Skewers
• Miso Crusted Planked Chilean Seabass
• Seared Ahi Tuna w Maui Onion Dressing
• Banana Leaf Spicy Sambal Fish
• Barbecue Stuffed Jumbo Squid w Curry Sauce
• BBQ Whole Catfish w Ginger Scallions Tomato Sauce
• Grilled Giant Prawns w Tamarind Sambal
• Texas Brisket Banh Mi Sandwich Garlic Dipping Sauce
• Pork Adobo

Kent Rollins

Chopped Grill Master and Award-Winning Cowboy Cook

Workshop Title: “Tips from the Chuck Wagon: Live Fire and Cast Iron Cooking”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Lump charcoal vs. wood vs. briquettes
• Heat management//Cooking in Various Conditions
• Dutch oven basics
• Coal placement for specific dishes
• Brisket in the dutch oven
• Cowboy biscuits and chocolate cake

Ken Phillips & 
Brett Gallaway

Steak Cookoff Association

Workshop Title: “Raising the Steaks!”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Steak Cuts and Selection
• Championship Brining Technique
• Prime Rib on a Rotisserie
• Various Cooking Methods and Techniques of Rib Eye Steaks

Matt Pittman

Owner of Meat Church and Grand Champion Pitmaster

Workshop Title: “It All Starts with the Rub!”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Having the whole cook in mind, start to finish
• Barbacoa tacos
• Pork belly burnt ends
• Brined buttered chicken
• Smoked Old Fashioned
• Street Corn


Barbecue Whisperer and Hedonism Evangelist from, author of New York Times Best Seller

Workshop Topic: “The Meathead Method: Using Science for Great BBQ and Grilling”
Cooking and Teaching:
• The Meathead Method – Hardware and Software
• Low & Slow Perfect Pulled Pork
• Sous-Vide-Que Steak on the Afterburner
• Close Proximity Smoked Chilean Sea Bass
• Hot Smoked Salmon
• Grilled Ratatouille
• Pork Belly Porchetta with special guests Greg & Kristina Garrdbo from Chicago Culinary Kitchen

Tim Grandinetti

Award-Winning Chef, Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen and Bar

Workshop Topic: “Farm-to-Table Flavor Bombs”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Cocktails: Thompson’s Cabin, Dr. Brownstone’s Michelada, S’mores from the Kremlin
• Apple-smoked turkey meatballs
• BBQ dip & fresh, garden-inspired kimchi
• Sugar maple plank roasted southern shrimp cakes
• Embered tomatoes & pimento chees grits + wasabi lime aioli
• Cast iron skillet upside-down smoked peach grits cake w/brown sugar & whiskey cream
• Olive oil torte w/burnt & candied orange, smoked honey & pecan crumble

Dean Fearing

James Beard Award-winning Chef, creator of Fearing’s Restaurant, known as the Father of Southwestern Cuisine

Workshop Topic: “Elevating the BBQ Experience
at Home”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Southwestern Flavor Secrets
• Mopped Ribeye
• Backyard BBQ Chicken
• Grilled Asparagus
• Grilled Sweet Potato

Ariane Daguin

Chef and Founder, D’Artagnan

Workshop Topic: “Let’s Cut to the Beef: Butcher’s picks & the Best Way to Cook Them”
Cooking and Teaching:
• Where all the cuts of beef come from – beef to butcher to restaurant
• Red meat comparisons: Beef, lamb, venison, bison
• Aging and marbling
• Poultry comparisons: Chicken, duck, guinea hen, quail, squab
• Game meats and bio-diversity
• Tricks for skin and scoring
• Black truffle butter

David Bouska

Two-Time World BBQ Champion and founder of Butcher BBQ

Workshop Topic: “Championship Secrets for the Backyard Griller”
Cooking and Teaching:
• David’s competition chicken
• Using the whole chicken – all 8 pieces
• Layering – injection, rub, sauce/oil
• Smoking the sauce
• How and why to stall
• Testing and presentation

New BONUS Star Workshop!

Jack Arnold, official BBQ instructor for Big Green Egg and 2020 BBQ Event Host for the Four Seasons, will teach you how to make the best burger of your life -- his signature Wagyu BBQ, 1/2 pound American Wagyu Beef burger with pulled pork, cheddar, honey BBQ bacon, pickles, French-fried onions and BBQ sauce on toasted brioche!

Printable Recipes

A huge collection of more than
FIFTY recipes and techniques you’ll learn from the some of the world’s best pitmasters and chefs!


Q&A Recordings

The Stars answer all the burning questions about their passion for cooking, their process and their recipes.


BBQ Stars Secret Facebook Group

Share your progress, questions and successes with like-minded live fire fans from around the world!

"Pulled off Meat Church's BBQs Pork Belly burnt ends, bacon wrapped jalapeños, and Smo-Fri wings. Seriously good recipes. The fellas were impressed. –Jason


What other cooks are saying about

BBQ Stars Season 1...


Curtis A.

"I love cooking on the grill and smoker and ready to learn how to prepare it right. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the opportunity to get in on this school!"


"You really helped my brisket game out through this epic series. Highly recommend signing up!"

Sergeant Steak

"This course is awesome. I'm only halfway through the lessons and having the ability to rewatch any of them is priceless. This is so much more than a competition BBQ class. Competition is still covered, as is fire management, charcoal vs lump vs wood, and so much more. These superstars are also as accessible for Q&A. If you've been on the fence about it, know that you will not be disappointed."


"The collective knowledge is tremendous. The production value is fantastic.The results are fantabulous!"


"I find this series of videos extremely valuable because of the attention to detail and expert descriptions each chef conveys. The wide variety of subjects was a surprise. Can't wait to try some of Harry Soo's asian fusion ideas. I've heard Dave Buska in person before but am finding that on video I can pay closer attention to his techniques. This week I cooked Matt Pittman's #meatchurchstar Texas BBQ chicken. It was awesome. Additionally, the BBQ Stars video production quality is top notch."


"Watching Harry Soo. This is the best investment I have ever made. Thanks. BBQ Stars."


'Just had Dean's Fearing backyard chicken for dinner. I have been trying to make chicken like this for ever. Reminds of being a kid again. Thanks Dean, it was awesome."



"I've gone back through all the episodes...seeing them all at least twice... and many three or more times...

I was in the kitchen last night at midnight, mixing sauce ingredients and eating them on rolls...I hope I don't get over this any time soon...the next family reunion menu has changed dramatically..." 


"Just completed my first meet up with Tuffy. Wish I had learned from hime years ago. I'll be tweaking my methods. Awesome learning experience. Already have recouped my investment in this course. In the first video with Tuffy and many more to come. I'll be upping my game with BBQ when this series is complete."

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